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Drivers warned to adhere to orders in High Street

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Drivers are being warned to adhere to traffic orders in a pedestrianised area in Margate or face a fine.

A total of 20 drivers were reported for traffic offences during an operation by Kent Police carried out with Thanet District Council.

The operation, held on Sunday 9 May, aimed to clamp down on motorists flouting the traffic orders in the upper half of Margate High Street.

The area is a restricted traffic zone and between 10am and 5pm every day, vehicles are not allowed to drive through it. There is also a No Waiting at Any Time order in place.

PCSOs and Kent Special Constables worked with the council’s civil enforcement officers to monitor the situation and take action on any vehicles seen in the area.

A total of 19 cars were stopped by police and reported for traffic offences for trying to drive in the area, and a further vehicle received a ticket for parking along the road.

Safety risk by ignoring order

Councillor Suzanne Brimm, Cabinet Member for Operational Services at Thanet District Council said: ‘Most drivers know that they are putting themselves at the risk of a fine if they choose to ignore traffic orders. While many remain respectful of these rules, others persist to ignore and hopefully these reported offences will help to see a reduction in such behaviour.

‘These are prime times for pedestrians and it is our duty to maximise safety, so we will continue to work with Kent Police to take the relevant action.’

Kent Police Sergeant Bev Kelsey of Thanet Community Safety Unit said: ‘Those reported for driving offences during the operation will find themselves facing a fine.

‘These orders are in place for a reason and on grounds of safety and legality, I would urge drivers to show some consideration to pedestrians and not drive down the road during the hours of 10am to 5pm.

‘We are monitoring this situation and further operations will take place, so if drivers don’t want to spend their money on fines, I suggest they adhere to the orders which are clearly signposted.’

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