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Foxy warning after car brakes damaged

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Officers investigating damage caused to car brake lines in Tunbridge Wells are advising people to carefully check their brakes before driving.

Between Tuesday 18 May and Tuesday 31 May, there have been six reports of brake lines being damaged in the Tunbridge Wells area.

Five of these reports have come from the St James’ area and one from Langton Green.

Officers have investigated the full circumstances of these reports and a wildlife expert has confirmed that the damage has been caused by foxes.

There is no evidence at this stage to suggest the damage was deliberately caused by a person however any new reports will be thoroughly investigated.

Foxes, especially cubs at this time of year, are known to rest under vehicles and can chew through pipes.

Inspector Christian Mayers, from the Tunbridge Wells Community Safety Unit, said: ‘Each of the incidents were quickly noticed by the driver, as they have attempted to drive off from being parked. No one has been injured as a result of this.

‘These reports are very unusual and, as a precaution, I would encourage motorists to safely apply their brakes before they set off on a journey.

‘Also, check your dashboard for a warning light. If there is damage to your brakes a warning message is likely to appear. It Is also a good idea to regularly inspect the underside of your vehicle

‘Finally, consider regularly washing your car to remove any scents left by foxes. There are also animal repellents available, which  can be applied to vehicles in order to deter foxes.’

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