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Over 1,700 HGVs moved on or fined in six months

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A total of 1,740 HGVs have been moved on, fined or immobilised since mid-December for unsafe and illegal parking on Kent’s roads.

Officers from Kent Police and Highways England have been actively targeting lorries parked on the hard shoulder and motorway slip roads to tackle anti-social and illegal behaviour by long-distance drivers.

Since 17 December to 31 May, a total of 1,354 vehicles have been moved on while a further 370 graduated fixed penalty notices have issued to drivers.

During the same period, eight HGVs failed to pay their fine on the spot and were moved on to a safe location and immobilised until they paid and a further eight traffic offence reports have been generated where drivers faced further action.

As part of their regular patrols, officers visit key locations including the A2 near Cobham and Canterbury, the M2 Farthing Corner, the M20 at junctions eight, 11 and 13 and the A20 at Capel-le-Ferne.

Plan their journeys

Superintendent Ian Hall said: ‘We have been carrying out proactive enforcement for some six months now and our message has been clear from the beginning – long distance drivers should plan their journeys and factor in rest breaks at safe and legal locations, or face the consequences.

‘We know there is space at the county’s lorry parks – some are only half full on the nights we are on moving lorries from the hard shoulder and slip roads.

‘The hard shoulder is only to be used in the event of a breakdown or for the emergency services to use. By using it to have a rest you are putting yourself and others at risk.’

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