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Do You Know Your Maximum Load Capacity?

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Police in France have fined a motorists heading to Morocco they stopped under suspicion of having an unacceptably heavy load. They also had suspicions that the goods being carried resulted in the vehicle being higher than permitted.

An unmarked rapid response vehicle of the gendarmes had spotted the potentially unsafe load on the A7 motorway in Portes-lès-Valence area, seemingly struggling to maintain a safe speed. The maximum speed the Opal Zafira reached was 80 kilometres per hour.

Upon following the vehicle the officers could then clearly see that the car was heavily loaded and reached the height not for off that of lorry.


The police asked the driver to accompany them to a weighbridge where they found the vehicle weighed 2.5 tons, 700 kilogrammes more than the maximum permitted weight.

As the driver did not understand the reasons for him being stopped, the officers explained the risks of having such a heavy load, including the instability of the vehicle and excessive pressure on the tyres, amongst others.

The officers were surprised by the driver´s lack of understanding and knowledge on the subject and was subsequently fines 180 euro before having to make the load compatible with required safety legislation.

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