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Take a Ride in a Police Car

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Ever wondered what happens inside a police car on a blue light call? What do the officers talk about? How much information do they get? Well watch this video and see the teamwork!

Both officers in the police car have important roles. PC Sarah Skultety who is in the passenger seat is the operator of the police car, she advises the direction of travel and incident information to the driver.

PC Alex Nicolaou despite driving is still able to take the information on board that PC Skultety is providing so that they can deal with the incident effectively when they arrive on scene.

In this call the unit is assigned to reports of a suspicious person near to Sainsbury’s. Along with other officers the they respond on blue lights.

However, on arrival the other police vehicle was able to establish that no more police units were required. PC Skultety and PC Nicolaou resumed patrol and were quickly free for other 999 calls.

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