Kitten spends night in Ashbourne cells after hitching ride with local cop

A kitten has spent the night in Ashbourne cells after hitching a ride in a police van.


Last week, on Tuesday, August 9, PC Rachel Baggaley from the town’s Safer Neighbourhood Team arrived at the police station on Compton Street and heard a peculiar noise.

She then found the unexpected guest, a 10-week-old kitten that had come running out of one of the cells.

It is believed that the kitten had travelled eight miles under a police van the day before, and then somehow made his way into the station for an overnight stay.

PC Baggaley said: “I went on a visit in Hopton last Monday where the homeowner had only a few days earlier got a new kitten. It was last seen near the police van outside of the property, so before I left I checked under the van and near the wheels before driving off, there was no sign of the kitten. I then went about my day, making another trip over at Sudbury, before parking the van up at the station for the night.

“The next morning I arrived at work and heard a very loud meowing, I soon saw the little kitten from the previous day come running out of one of the old cells!

Rachel continued: “I am not too sure how the little kitten survived the tour under the van but I had an extra errand that day, the return of a very special cat.

“It certainly brought a whole new meaning to the term station cat.”

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