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Nottinghamshire Police Cadet is first on scene at a collision in Bournemouth

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A Nottinghamshire Police Cadet sprang into action to be first on the scene of a crash while on holiday in Bournemouth.


Adam Werle, 17, was on holiday with his mum in July when he heard a crash outside his hotel in Bournemouth. The Police Cadet ran outside and found two cars that had collided and were blocking the road.

Adam, who has been a cadet since September 2015, said: “I was talking to someone at the hotel when I heard this almighty crash like glasses being smashed. I ran out the door and saw one car in the middle of the road and the other car up the street.

“I went over to both drivers to see if they were OK. One of the drivers was a little bit shook up so I phoned 999 and asked for the police and ambulance.

“While I was waiting for them to arrive, I stopped the traffic coming down so I could move some of the debris out the road and the caretaker from the hotel helped me too.”

He added: “When the police officer arrived, I gave him a full statement of what had happened and continued to help direct the traffic until the second officer arrived.”

Adam’s skills in traffic control were developed through spending time with PCSOs out on duty and sessions at is cadet base.

PC James Magnin from Dorset Police who attended the scene said: “Fortunately, this was only a minor crash and the victims weren’t seriously injured but Adam managed to check both drivers and keep them calm until help arrived.

“Adam was a great help to me and Nottinghamshire Police should be really proud of his quick thinking and bravery.”

This isn’t the first time Adam has attended an incident while off duty as, on Saturday 27 February 2016, he gave first aid to a driver of a car who had suffered a seizure in Sutton-In-Ashfield.

Chief Inspector Richard Stapleford said: “I am extremely proud of Adam and the way he handled the situation. It is nice to hear what our Cadets do outside the programme and shows the level of dedication and commitment they have.

“Adam is a fine example of the force’s commitment to keeping the public safe. Our Cadets undertake modules on first aid, dynamic risk assessment, crime scenes and accident investigation during the two-year programme so it is great to see that these skills are being used safely in the real world to help people who find themselves in difficult circumstances.”

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