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Women who get their car tyres checked and OK’d by a FOXY Lady Approved garage or tyre centre during Tyre Safety Month will receive a gift membership of the Club.

October is Tyre Safety Month because it is notoriously the wettest month of the year and when you need your car tyres to be at their grippy-best, in case you find yourself coping with unexpected floods or seriously wet roads.

FOXY Lady Drivers Club is spreading the word about tyre safety to female motorists during October 2016 by using its Top Ten Automotive blog, a unique network of FOXY Lady Approved garages & tyre centres, an annual programme of ladies events and free online membership gifts to encourage more motorists to get their tyres checked by professionals during Tyre Safety Month.

To encourage women across the UK to get their car tyres checked during Tyre Safety Month, anyone using a FOXY Lady Approved garage or tyre centre will receive a free lifetime online subscription to FOXY Lady Drivers Club as a gift from that business.

Why FOXY is doing this for women drivers

Recent research from the Tyresafe charity suggests that one in four vehicles on UK roads may be risking illegal, poorly maintained and ultimately unsafe tyres. That could mean some 10 million vehicles are potentially dangerous at any one time.

Support statistics from the Bedfordshire Road Safety Partnership confirms that women seem marginally more likely to run cars with illegal tyres than men, albeit without them realising this.

FOXY Lady Drivers Club Founder Steph Savill was sufficiently concerned to do something about this, as the UK’s only everyday motoring club for women. She explains…

“We’re kept informed about tyre safety by our network of FOXY Lady Approved garages that clearly worry about the dangerous car tyres they see (and fail) at MOT time. Even legal tyres (at 1.6mm tread) are a long way past their grippy-best and having tested a range of various car tyres myself, I know to buy the best make I can afford and to change my tyres at 3mm tread not 1.6mm.

“All these factors contribute to whether your car will stop in time, or not, in any accident situation. I want more women to be better informed about this, like me.”

To reassure women that a free tyre check won’t lead to them being ripped off, all FOXY Lady Approved businesses have signed a promise to ‘never overcharge, patronise or sell women services they don’t need’ which is then policed by female feedback.

As a result of this unique Tyre Safety Month campaign, FOXY Lady Drivers Club is confident that Club members are now more likely to run safer cars on safer tyres, influencing their family and friends to do the same in future.

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