Trolls of the Week 48 [Dashcam Europe]

Weird moments, close calls, road Raging, red light jumping funny and dangerous moments caught with my Dash Cam in Europe but mostly in Germany.

I hope you enjoy it.

Coments are highly appreciated!

A new video on every other sunday on this channel!

PS: The Video is not ment to be serious it’s just for entertaining purposes.


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Dasch Cams:

Mobius Action Cam




Yes I’m An Asshole by Cy “Nothing” Parker

This Beat Will Self-Destruct by Ben Briggs

Lucifer Cannon by Wontolla

Burried by The Passion HiFi

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Sound effects are from


For image editing I use Gimp (free and open-source)

For the video editing and sound design I use Sony Vegas Pro 9


For licensing send me a personal message on YouTube or write a coment.

If you have any questions just write in the coments

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