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Free Coffee for Safer Driving

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A Japanese telecom company, along with car manufacturer Toyota, have been developing a smartphone app which they hope will provide positive reinforcement for drivers who might be tempted to use their phone whilst driving, by offering free coffee if you don´t.

The app, called Driving Barista, is activated by the driver before a journey. It then tells the driver to place the phone face down on a flat console. Once moving, the app records the distance it has travelled in the rest position, and once the vehicle has travelled 100 kilometres it rewards you with a voucher for a free coffee. You can then earn more vouchers for every 200 kilometres travelled.



However, take a sneaky look at your phone at any time and not only is the counter reset, you get a “FAILURE” notice, complete with a picture of a spilled cup of coffee.

The app has been under test for around 6-months and is currently only available in the area near to Toyota´s headquarters, Aichi, and redeemed at Komeda Coffee. It is also unknown if the app will go global once the test is complete, but if it helps to reduce incidents on the road it can only be a good thing.

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