BMW E39 Engine Swap ~ Part One

Following on from the ‘Rebuild’ series.
Next video will be out on the 5th July due to an event I’m going to.

The beginning of swapping a 3.0L engine into my 520i for a nice power gain, in this video I connect the gearbox to the ‘refreshed engine & take my car with it’s current engine on the dyno to see if it’s lost any bhp over it’s 15 year 160000 mile life.

3.0L Engine Rebuild Series:

Part One ~

Part Two ~

Part Three ~

Part Four ~

***This is not a DIY series***

I Want to put that out there as I have no idea what I’m doing to begin with, I downloaded lots of tutorials and manuals so I learn’t so much from doing this project and am grateful to have had the opportunity.

Hope you enjoyed and liked the format!
Thank you for watching 🙂


Music used:

0:00 – 1:13 | Not The King – Point Blank

1:20 – 3:12 | Ukiyo – Just for a Thrill

3:46 – 5:41 | Lakey Inspired – Taking Off

12:00 – 12.22 | T-Mass – Bow and Arrow

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