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Remember when you were younger and you were taught the Green Cross Code? With 4,940 serious injury collisions and 409 pedestrian fatalities in 2014 the message is more important now than ever! When crossing the road you need to take things back to basics and STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.
Find a safe place to cross preferably a pedestrian crossing, but not between parked cars or on a bend. Make sure you can see all around and that drivers can see you.
Stop before you get to the kerb and make sure to give yourself time to look around.
Look all around for traffic and listen if there are vehicles coming that you can’t see. When it’s clear and safe to do so walk straight across – don’t run as you may trip. Keep looking both ways and listening as you cross.
You need to anticipate what the driver is going to do and don’t assume that they have seen you. Take your time and wait until the vehicle has passed before you cross – don’t ever take a chance

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