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Bad Driving UK Compilation 157

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Welcome to the 157th Bad Driving UK Compilation!

The main theme for this compilation seems to be road rage, why does everyone get so angry when driving? There’s also Blind maneuvering, near misses, funny reactions, dangerous driving, confusion and stupidity you didn’t think existed!

Sorry for the lack of content, 2018 is going to be a busy year for me & this channel, come February 14th I’ll finally be getting Fibre internet, which means I won’t be spending all day catching up on emails and can focus on pumping more videos out! Oh and it also means no more 1am uploads!

Cast your vote for twat of the week by clicking the ‘i’ icon in the top right hand corner of this video.

At the end of the year, the twats of the week will be compiled into their own compilation, a poll for the twat of the year will be added to that video and the person who sent the clip who features the twat of the year, will be sent a nice dash-cam.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in clips, I know a lot of clips aren’t included, they will be included at some point in upcoming compilations. If it’s been over 2 months since you sent a clip, email me and let me know!

If you would like to send in a clip, I accept clips worldwide for Bonus, Bad and Nice Driving Compilations. Email me, Welshdrive@outlook.com. Please note that if files are over 25mb, then they can’t be attached directly to my email, in this case please upload it somewhere and send a link to my email. Thanks!

Music sourced from Epidemic sound. License paid for by MCN/UnionForGamers.

Outro Track | Neural Network – Jack Elphick

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Please note that if you take anything from this video and use it in your own without permission I will contact YouTube, including the thumbnails! I’ve seen several YouTube channels lately re-using my thumbnail/videos and I’ve taken action, respect the contributors and creators. Thanks. Incidentally if you spot a video that has my content in it you can take action on my behalf!

Thanks to everyone who sent in clips!


Graeme S

Bartek W

Bad Drivers Of Northamptonshire


Andy G


Steve B


Nadeem A

Dash NI

William L

RRM DashCam UK




Simon B


James F



Anna S

Mickey K


Jamie P

Cheltenham DashCam


Not Another DashCammer

David J

Kent Drivers

BigNick DashCam

Richard P

Andrew J

Lee M

Bob S

M Williamson

Nick S

The Valleys DashCam

Darren J

Domenico D




Jeroen S

Ray S

Queensland DashCam

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