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Eken H9R Review ~ A Cheap 4K Camera!

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Massive thanks to Bang Good.com for giving me the opportunity to review this 4K action camera. This Eken H9R is currently available from Bang Good.com for £40!

If you’d like to view the 4K footage in 4K I can upload a separate video. This video is uploaded in 1080p and the original footage had to be converted. So the quality is ruined.

For now I will be holding onto this camera, I will be giving it away in the future though so keep an eye out!


Eken H9R:

10% off App Coupon: https://goo.gl/ayVVcu

Thank you for watching 🙂

Music sourced from Epidemic sound, license paid for by MCM.

Intro: Imprint – Jack Elphick

2:31 Derail – Yellowbase

5:57 NOSEDIVE – Muciojad

Outro: Strangebeats – Gunnar Johnsén

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