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Idiot Nissan Drivers UK

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Time for Nissan drivers to make an appearance!

It’s been a little while since the last ‘Idiot’ drivers video, so let’s recap the series so far, first we had Mercedes drivers, Van drivers, Roundabout Fails, VW drivers, Clueless Pedestrians, Audi drivers, Bikers, ‘Professional’ drivers, Peugeot drivers, Vauxhall drivers, Ford drivers Renault Drivers, BMW Drivers and now Nissan 🙂

Next Manufacturer to feature in this series will be Toyota drivers.

I’m not calling everyone of them an idiot, some make genuine mistakes, other actions cannot be defended.

The aim of the Manufacturer/Idiot series is to eliminate stereotypes, BMW drivers are the worst, Audi drivers are, etc. You can look back on this series and find everyone is as bad as each other. Doesn’t matter what you brand cut you up, it’s the person behind the wheel.

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Thank you for watching and to everyone who sends in clips!

If you’d like to send in clips, email me, Welshdrive@outlook.com


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