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Prosecutor’s office accelerated the prosecution of the case Campus of Justice in order to avoid prescriptions

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Posted 19/09/2018 19:31:24CET

The searches are based on a report of the Chamber of Accounts transferred to the office of the Prosecutor for we Can, PSOE and Citizens


The anti-Corruption Office accelerated the judicialization of the possible embezzlement of the Campus of Justice of the Community of Madrid in order to avoid the limitations of some of the alleged offences related to the development of this urban project failed, that was initiated by the government of Esperanza Aguirre and Ignacio González.

So, as has been pointed out to Europa Press sources of the research explained in this way that the formula used by the Ministry to the Public to put this matter in the hands of the National court is the complaint, which put in knowledge of the judge Jose de la Mata a few acts allegedly irregular, and not a complaint that should be directed against specific individuals and requires further elaborating.

On the other hand, the reason for this action of the Community of Madrid is in the competence of the National court and not a court of instruction is usually found in high amount allegedly distracted the public purse. The total amount of the contract obtained in the work of control made by the Chamber of Accounts amounts to 355.577.355,92 euros, according to the report on which is based the complaint that was presented in his day in the Office by the parliamentary groups of Podemos, PSOE and Citizens.

This competition by reason of amount is regulated in the Organic Law of the Judicial Power (LOPJ), which indicates that it corresponds to this body to investigate fraud and machinations to alter the price of things they produce or may produce serious impact on the safety of mercantile traffic, or in the national economy.

The holder of the Central Court of Instruction number 5 admitted the complaint last August 3, for alleged irregularities submitted by the company Campus of Justice SA and that could be constitutive of the crime of embezzlement, prevarication, traffic of influences, crime and corporate law.

For the moment, anti-Corruption has not requested the subpoena of any responsible for regional or any other person in connection with this matter, according to the same sources, so that can not yet speak of defendants in this procedure.


The governing Council of the Community of Madrid authorized the December 23, 2004 the creation of the society’s Campus of Justice of Madrid SA, a company owned one hundred percent of public that was founded with a registered capital of 7.350.000 euros for the implementation of the project, as he picked up the order, signed by then-councillor of Finance, Engracia Hidalgo, and the Hope Aguirre.


According to the agreement which then issued the Official Bulletin of the region, the aim was “the development and implementation of plans, programs and actions for the realization and management” of the project, including the “disposal of property” that constituted the premises of the court and that they would become “unnecessary” once set in motion the Campus. The society was dissolved on July 31, 2014, as with Cristina Cifuentes, presiding over the Community of Madrid.

The complaint is supported now based on the audit report of the Accounts Chamber of the past month march in which it is concluded that the above-mentioned society is not established in the field of procurement a system of internal control is solid, which would ensure reasonably the enforcement of the legal provisions applicable to these procedures, and, fundamentally, the principles that should preside over the recruitment of the public sector.

The report revealed, among other elements, the absence of supporting documentation of the project, the lack of criteria of rationality of economic-organizational society Campus of Justice, lack of accountability, which were submitted incomplete or after the deadline of several years, deficiencies in the embodiment referred to in respect of the financial investments, cash management, fixed assets, etc

Similarly, in the area relating to the recruitment and payments, the report described irregularities consisting of defects relevant for processing, in hiring external to the corporate object of the entity or, in the absence of documentation justifying, the existence of record for the contract, the cause of the payments made.

The total amount of the contract obtained in the work of control made by the Chamber of Accounts amounts to 355.577.355,92 euros. Of all the project carried out are only carried out the development works and access tunnels, as well as the Institute of Legal Medicine, although unfinished and abandoned.


Between operations and procurement processes subject to investigation are the integrated management of the Project and the Construction of the Urbanization and the Construction of Phase 1 of the Campus of Justice of Madrid (2007), the Application of new technologies in the Project Campus of Justice of Madrid (2007), the consultancy and technical assistance for the implementation of an integrated Security system in the Campus of Justice or the creation of the brand representative and the communication strategy.

They also investigate the technical advice for the development of the change management strategy of the Campus of Justice, the rental of the canvas advertising for the facade of the calle Goya 66, the photographic coverage of the Campus of Justice, the maintenance of the headquarters and services of surveillance and security of the headquarters Campus, on calle Miguel Angel, the edition and distribution of the book “Foster+Partners”, the service of legal advice or the sponsorship and promotion of the Campus of Justice (2008), among others.

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