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Seat zero.- Yes and no

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Posted 21/09/2018 8:00:49CET


It seems to me that among the pending discussions in our society there are two that are urgent. I am referring to the wombs of rental and euthanasia.

Precisely the new minister of Health has brought out in some of his first public statements.

I can not agree more with the minister that it is necessary an international regulation on surrogacy.

In Spain, they are banned the “wombs for hire” in a way that many people choose to go to other countries where it is permitted.

To me it seems that it is a new modality of use, abuse and exploitation commercial of the woman’s body.

The advocates of surrogacy say that it is an act of generosity of the women who “rent” their wombs. And yet obviate the main thing: that there are agencies out there that manage to “rent” the body of a woman to carry to term a pregnancy and that management costs money. In the same way that the woman renting her womb is the pays a sum for the “inconvenience”.


That is to dehumanize the woman who is going to “lend” her body to nestle a good life and is summed up in “discomfort,” which means a pregnancy. And to top it off they want us to believe that it is of no consequence whether psychological or physical, that a woman carry for nine months in her womb a child, who feels like it transforms your body and how are you going to grow a life within her, for after it came out give it cheerfully.

I confess that I got the creeps when Citizens, in its defense of the “wombs for hire” qualifies women as “pregnant women”, that is to say, as if it were a new profession. Apparently Citizens feel that there is a new activity, the latter exclusively for women, which is the “pregnant woman”.

Those who wish to have a child there to remind them that there are millions of children in the world who want to have a family. Children who can be adopted. Children who need parents like them.

In the end, which I agree with the minister that it is necessary an international regulation on this matter. And it seems to me wise reflection comparing surrogacy with organ trafficking.

What I do not agree with the minister is to approve a law on euthanasia without who has previously been a broad debate in society.

Yes I think it is crucial to ensure that palliative care in all hospitals, and that no one has to die suffering. Although I have to recognize that the experience that I have is that today doctors are not engaged in the therapeutic cruelty and that if given such care to the extent that they have the means.

Euthanasia are big words and good die it is not a question of right-wing nor left-wing, but of humanity. The issue is that palliative care should be a universal right.

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