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The Civil Guard in Basin, stops two men for drug trafficking in the province

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Posted 26/09/2018 10:43:46CET


Within the services of prevention against drug trafficking on a small scale that, in its field of citizen security, are carried out by the Command of the chief of the Civil Guard of Cuenca, during the end of last week has arrested two individuals in the province as alleged perpetrators of two crimes against public health.

The first of these performances occurred in the early morning of September 22nd, when within a security device, organized by the Civil Guard on the occasion of the septenaries of Moya, a detection dog drug marked the possible existence of narcotic drugs in the effects of an individual.

Required the individual in question, in the interior of the bag has a plastic wrapper, within which there were several bags containing narcotic substances, in particular four pills of ecstasy, four grams of marijuana and eleven wrappers with a white powder, supposedly cocaine, according to has informed the Civil Guard of Cuenca in a press release.

Before the discovery, proceeded to the arrest of a male, 28 years of age as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of drug trafficking.

The Civil Guard of Villalba de la Sierra has instructed the relevant proceedings, together with the detainee and effects seized have been made available to the Court of Guard Basin.


The second of the acts took place in the early morning of the 22nd and 23rd of September in Quintanar del Rey, when the Guardia Civil inspected a local entertainment facilities of the resort.

In the beginning of the inspection, the officers surprised the man who was in the interior of the cockpit of music when he distributed a substance of white color in doses, suspecting that it could be cocaine. At that time we proceeded to a search of the belongings of the individual, of finding in your power of different narcotic drugs and utensils for their retail distribution.

The substances and utensils seized during the police action have been 13 grams of white powder, supposedly cocaine, six grams of marijuana; 76 grams of hashish; 43 pills, allegedly with ecstasy, and yellow; two cans of caffeine, a substance normally used to adulterate cocaine; a balance of precision with remnants of white powder and cash provisions in bills of different value.

In the moment of the detention, the man in question showed aggressive with the agents who will respond, so that is also investigated as an alleged perpetrator of a crime of resistance and disobedience to agents of the authority.

The Civil Guard of Quintanar of the King has instructed the proceedings, together with the substances, the effects seized and the arrested have been placed at the disposal of the Court of the Guard Motilla del Palancar.

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