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A proper use of the restraint systems reduces 75% of injuries to children in case of traffic accident

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Posted 01/10/2018 10:16:47CET

A head-on collision at 80 Km/h without wearing the belt tends to take the fatally rigged result in death or serious injuries Traffic deploys a campaign of surveillance that will handle around 20,000 vehicles on roads


The Civil Guard of Traffic, remember that the seat belt is a basic element and fundamental element of the road safety and reduces by half the risk of death in case of accident. In fact, pointed to, the proper use of child restraint systems reduces by 75 percent the injuries that could occur to children if there is an impact.

The decisive contribution of these devices to the road safety motivates a new campaign from the DGT for the proper control of their use, which will be developed on our roads from this Monday and until next 7 October.

“The safety belt is a life insurance policy, and it is very important to remarcarlo, because the figures of accident rate associated with the don’t use recorded alarming numbers in our Region, since, in so far this year, seven people killed on our roads were not wearing a safety belt,” warns the head of the provincial Traffic, Virginia Sherry.

Along 2018, the group of Traffic of the Civil Guard and the local police of the municipalities that adhere to this type of campaigns have been sanctioned to 2.620 people for this infraction, which represents the fourth leading cause of withdrawal of points after the excess of speed, consumption of alcohol and drugs and the use of the mobile phone.

During these days, the agents shall pay particular attention to their use in the rear seats, since, for example, in a frontal impact the likelihood that an occupant of the rear seat strikes fatally at another passenger seat in front can be up to eight times higher.


Never carry the child in her arms. Use pliers retention of the seat belt is dangerous, because it greatly reduces their effectiveness. The AIRBAG Never place a car seat especially installed in sense contrary to the march, with the airbag plugged in!. Do not let your guard down on short journeys. Journeys from home to school is where they accumulate the greatest number of risk behaviors.


Children must travel in the opposite direction to the gear as long as possible. If it can be up to 4 years. The harnesses or the seat belt must be twisted, or loose, or bent. The S. R. I should be perfectly installed. You should not move. The best option is the anchorage using the ISOFIX system.

The child’s head should never be hovering above the back of the chair. If this occurs indicates that it is necessary to pass to another of the top group. Parents should always give example, placing always the belt.

The chief provincial Traffic insists on mentioning the mandatory use of this device in children with a height less than 1.35 m, it constitutes your best life insurance.

“A child without restraint it multiplies by five the chance of suffering fatal or serious injury, and nine out of ten child injury serious or fatal would have been avoided if we had used restraint systems mandatory,” says Sherry, who notes that one of the objectives of the Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 is to ensure that no child miss out on life by not correctly sitting in a chair appropriate to their weight and size.


As it comes being usual in the campaigns carried out by the DGT, the collaboration of the local police of the Region of Murcia is very important, as controls, of belt and SRI are carried out both on roads and in urban areas.

So far they have adhered to the following municipalities: Abanilla, Alcantarilla, Alguazas, Beniel, Bullas, Campos del Rio, Caravaca de la Cruz, Cartagena, Cehegín, Ceuta, Fortune, Librilla, Molina de Segura, Murcia, Puerto Lumbreras, San Javier, San Pedro del Pinatar, Santomera, Torre Pacheco and Yecla.

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