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The US will review the safety standards on the circulation of autonomous vehicles

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Posted 05/10/2018 3:16:43CET

WASHINGTON, 5 Oct. (Reuters/EP) –

The Administration of the president of the united States, Donald Trump, has announced this Thursday that it will review the safety regulations which prohibits the circulation of autonomous vehicles without ruffles, pedals and mirrors, according to a document published by the u.s. Department of Transportation.

“The National Administration of Highway Traffic Safety (NHTSA, for its acronym in English) aims to reconsider the need for and the adequacy of their safety standards current” applied to the vehicles automated.

The department has indicated to the Reuters news agency that the NHTSA wants to make comments “on the proposed changes to the safety standards to adapt to the technologies of autonomous vehicles and the possibility of making exceptions to certain standards that are relevant only when they are present drivers human.”


The secretary of transportation of the united States, Elaine Chao, has published the document ‘Vehicles Automated 3.0’ in an event of the department. In the report, Chao has indicated that autonomous vehicles have the potential to dramatically reduce traffic accidents and deaths on the roads.

However, it has been argued that “the public has legitimate concerns about the security and privacy of the automated technology”.

Automakers currently must comply with almost 75 safety standards for cars, many of which were written with the idea that a licensed driver would have control of the vehicle.

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