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Toll Road Fees to Increase in France

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The price of tolls in France will increase again on February 1, 2019.

This increase will be significant due to the following factors:

a) Finance the new investment plan of 700 million euro requested by François Hollande in 2016,
this plan foresees the construction of 23 exchanges and environmental works.

b) Execute the 2015 agreement in which Environment Minister Ségolène Royal decided to freeze
rates for that year and in return compensation would be made from 2019 to 2023, this increase being more important than the increase initially expected in 2015


c) Finally, as every year, the toll rates in France increase due to the contract between the concessionaires and the French State that allows the toll roads to raise tolls up to 70% of inflation, which for this year is expected to be between 1.40% and 2.0%

With all this we calculate that the average rise in tolls in France will be around 2.19%

The average increases in previous years were: 
2018 1.57%,  2017 0.76%,  2016 1.12%, 2015 0.00%, 2014 1.14%, 2013 2.01%, 2012 2.50%

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