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RoadWatch – Issue 15

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Welcome to the latest edition of N332 RoadWatch.

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We have had a few busy months over summer, hence the delay in this issue. The reason will become clear very soon, but to give you a bit of an idea, in December a new eBook will be launched which will not only answer all of your driving questions, it will also be free!

We have still been active in the community, as you can see from our first feature in this edition, when we were at the very successful, “Expo Torrevieja”. Thousands of people attended with many coming to our stand, mostly with one question needing clearing up, the one about driving on roundabouts. We also had a lot of forms and documents with us, which were very popular, some of which you can still download from the dedicated page on the website at www.n332.es/documents

In this edition we pay close attention to tyres and tyre safety, but also on eco stickers which, although not mandatory as such, are very much needed in parts of Spain.

We also answer some of the most popular questions sent into us, such as whether dialling 999 works in Spain, it doesn’t by the way, and many more features from the website all brought together in this concise little digital publication.

That’s enough of an introduction from the editorial team, we will leave you to browse through the pages and enjoy this edition. As we are about to go out on the road giving presentations again, we look forward to meeting with many of you through the winter.

For now, enjoy this edition and stay safe.

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