N332 RoadWatch Issue 02 – August 2016

Here it is, issue 2 of N332 RoadWatch, our new regular eMagazine. When we released the first issue last month, it was our intention to publish the eMagazine quarterly. Straight away the pressure was on to publish more frequently than we intended, thanks largely to you and your incredible feedback. Therefore, we decided that we had better publish every 2 months. Still your comments and feedback continued and still we felt that even every 2 months isn´t enough, at least not at the moment, and so, as you have probably gathered already, here we are with our now monthly publication.

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Last month I said that I would tell you more about our exclusive members club. I will, but not yet. Remember, last month we intended to be publishing the next edition in October, not so soon, so you will have to wait a little longer for that.
Now, back to this issue. The cover leads with a question regarding new radars on motorbikes. We answer that question and hopefully clear up some other misunderstandings that often come about regarding “speed traps” and radars.
We have a little bit of an American feel to this issue too, including a feature on one of the former stars of the hit television show, CHiPs, who is now living his own dream come true. In the news section we have an interesting story from America too, about a dog! We also have a couple of UK based stories too. By the way, if you are in the UK or around Europe, you can visit our sister website, roadwatch.eu, which covers a lot of information from across the continent and is the next stage of our development. More about that in a future issue too.
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We cover child seats, traffic jams, animal safety, Eco labels, fines for cyclists, proposed changes to the UK driving test, yellow lights and more, as well as box a fun and serious quiz so you can test your knowledge, and a whole lot more.
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We are now off to start work on the September issue where one of the subjects we will be covering is the breathalyser. Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay safe.

Mobile phones and in-vehicle technology

The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales and is essential reading for everyone.
Rule 149
You MUST exercise proper control of your vehicle at all times. You MUST NOT use a hand-held mobile phone, or similar device, when driving or when supervising a learner driver, except to call 999 or 112 in a genuine emergency when it is unsafe or impractical to stop. Never use a hand-held microphone when driving. Using hands-free equipment is also likely to distract your attention from the road. It is far safer not to use any telephone while you are driving or riding – find a safe place to stop first or use the voicemail facility and listen to messages later.
General rules, techniques and advice for all drivers and riders

Take a Ride in a Police Car

Ever wondered what happens inside a police car on a blue light call? What do the officers talk about? How much information do they get? Well watch this video and see the teamwork!
Both officers in the police car have important roles. PC Sarah Skultety who is in the passenger seat is the operator of the police car, she advises the direction of travel and incident information to the driver.
PC Alex Nicolaou despite driving is still able to take the information on board that PC Skultety is providing so that they can deal with the incident effectively when they arrive on scene.
In this call the unit is assigned to reports of a suspicious person near to Sainsbury’s. Along with other officers the they respond on blue lights.
However, on arrival the other police vehicle was able to establish that no more police units were required. PC Skultety and PC Nicolaou resumed patrol and were quickly free for other 999 calls.


In this week’s driving tips IAM RoadSmart head of standards Richard Gladman talks about how to avoid becoming a road rage victim, and what to do if it does escalate.

  • If someone is being confrontational or aggressive, don’t make eye contact and don’t react visibly.
  • Let the other driver go on ahead. You might feel wronged, but letting the other party go will make no difference to the rest of your day.
  • Name and shame! If you or better, your passengers, can film any behaviour on your mobile phone it will help in terms of evidence, including the registration number of the other vehicle involved.
  • If the conflict is more serious and other processes aren’t working; call the police, especially if you feel there is a threat or possibility of violence against you.
  • Sorry helps. If you were at fault, admit it and apologise. If you feel upset or emotional pull over and get some fresh air or walk around if you need to before resuming your journey.
  • Again find some distraction, like listening to the radio – move your mind deliberately onto something else – deliberately driving well would be a good example – but don’t dwell on the incident.

Richard said: “Road rage does not affect everyone every day. If you’re finding it is happening very often, you might want to think about how you engage with other road users.”
He concluded: “No-one need experience road rage, but it us up to each of us to ensure it stays that way.”


Almost 500,000 parents are more likely to get ‘packing rage’ than road rage this summer as a result of trying to cram all the holiday essentials into the car, recent research has found. To help remedy this, Citroën has created an essential car packing survival guide, and challenged four Arsenal first team players to take on a ‘Summer Packing Pro’ challenge – a light-hearted competition to see how quickly they could load all their holiday essentials into a Citroën Grand C4 Picasso.
With the school holidays fast approaching, nearly half of the nation’s parents will be preparing to pack up the car for their family holidays this summer.
In a survey carried out by Citroën, which polled 2,000 UK parents, it seems that holiday nightmares often begin before even hitting the road, with 1 in 10 admitting they are more likely to suffer ‘packing rage’ than road rage.
With a multitude of potential ‘trigger causes’ – such as packing more than is needed (50%), spending over an hour trying to pack (26%) or leaving something behind by mistake (22%) – what should be a time of family togetherness can fast become a time of unwelcome holiday stress.
To help remedy this, Citroën has created a seven step car packing survival guide, and teamed up with Arsenal Football Club to test four first team players on their packing abilities. Challenging their spacial awareness, Arsenal players Olivier Giroud, Jack Wilshere, Petr Cech and David Ospina split into two teams for a head-to-head race to see who was quickest to fit all their holiday items into a Citroën Grand C4 Picasso.
The contest was captured in a video (https://youtu.be/Cv0f-Bvg3Lc) that shows just how the Arsenal players controlled their ‘packing rage’ and which pairing was crowned victorious.
Chris Cheetham, Citroën UK’s Marketing Director, said; “We understand that trying to get on the road can be the most stressful part of a summer holiday. The Grand C4 Picasso offers parents plenty of useful features to help alleviate packing woes, such as handy storage compartments throughout the cabin and an impressive boot capacity of 632-litres, which increases to a full 793-litres below the load cover when the row two seats are pushed forwards. Using our handy tips, families can relax and enjoy the ride to their holiday destination this summer”.
Citroën’s Car Packing Survival Guide

  1. Empty out the interior and bootspace of your car before you begin packing to get rid of any items not needed for the trip.
  2. Allocate a space in the house or garage to gather everything you plan to take. Decide where things should go based on when they are needed. Remember: last in, first out.
  3. Pack the heaviest holiday items into the rear of the boot first to keep the centre of gravity low and weight balanced.
  4. Make use of cardboard boxes or plastic crates to stop smaller loads sliding around. This will make the car Tetris easier! Each box can be allocated to a family member to make sure all of their holiday items are conveniently packed together.
  5. Fit the children’s’ car seats first and then pack the rest of the items. Fitting car seats can be more difficult after the car has been packed.
  6. Encourage your children to pack a small bag of their favourite toys or activities so everything they need for the journey is within reach.
  7. Allocate enough time to pack the car at a leisurely pace on the morning of your journey. Having extra time will help you remember those essentials that may otherwise get forgotten.

To watch the Summer Packing Pro contest unfold, visit: https://youtu.be/Cv0f-Bvg3Lc
For more information on the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso visit www.citroen.co.uk


Following an appeal by Classic Car Auctions, CCA, to generous classic car enthusiasts to donate classic cars to raise money for the UK’s specialist blood cancer charity, Bloodwise, Andy Powell of Warley, Halifax, has donated his very own VW Beetle convertible to the cause.
The car will be wrapped in a plain livery and will appear at various motoring events throughout the summer, including the Silverstone Classic, held on 28th to 31st July at the Silverstone circuit, as well as the Big Welsh Car Show, which will take place in Margam Park on Sunday 18th September. What makes this special is that members of the public will be invited to sign the car with messages of support for the charity’s patients and families in exchange for a donation to Bloodwise,
Following its summer of fun, the car will travel to Warwickshire where it will be auctioned by CCA at its December Sale at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Leamington Spa, with all proceeds going directly to Bloodwise.
The charity is close to Andy’s heart as his son, William, who will be 7 in August, was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2011 at the age of 21 months. In July 2014 he reached the end of his chemotherapy and in July 2016 celebrated being two years post-treatment. Andy set up Sign My Ride and began touring the country with the Beetle in June 2014 to help raise funds for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital where William was treated. Having raised £3,500 with signatures on the car, Andy now hopes to raise around £5,000 for Bloodwise by selling it at auction.
As Andy explains, “Bloodwise is a fantastic charity and provides invaluable support to my family. Being part of the Bloodwise community and getting involved with fundraising is a great experience, as well as our opportunity to give something back to the charity.”
Rachael Davies, Regional Manager for Bloodwise said: “We’re delighted with the support we’re receiving from Andy and his family and CCA. Money donated to Bloodwise goes directly towards funding world-class research, as well as patient support, and raising awareness of blood cancers. There’s still time to register your classic vehicle for the show which takes place on 18th September – www.bloodwise.org.uk/carshow – registration closes on 1st August.”
CCA, who previously helped raise thousands of pounds for charity at last year’s CarFest event, is a headline sponsor of this year’s Big Welsh Car Show and are still welcoming car donations.
Arwel Richards of Classic Car Auctions commented: “Andy has made a very generous donation in support of Bloodwise, and we hope others will feel moved to do the same. The classic car community has an opportunity to come together through our love of cars and really make a difference. We hope to raise many thousands for the charity, so we’re appealing to generous classic car owners to donate a car. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, or in concourse condition. This is a great opportunity to donate a car that 100% of the proceeds will go to Bloodwise.”
Anyone who wishes to support the charity and CCA’s work can contact Rachael Davies at Bloodwise on 029 2167 6225, or Arwel Richards from Classic Car Auctions on 07434 960868.

Do You Know Your Maximum Load Capacity?

Police in France have fined a motorists heading to Morocco they stopped under suspicion of having an unacceptably heavy load. They also had suspicions that the goods being carried resulted in the vehicle being higher than permitted.
An unmarked rapid response vehicle of the gendarmes had spotted the potentially unsafe load on the A7 motorway in Portes-lès-Valence area, seemingly struggling to maintain a safe speed. The maximum speed the Opal Zafira reached was 80 kilometres per hour.
Upon following the vehicle the officers could then clearly see that the car was heavily loaded and reached the height not for off that of lorry.
The police asked the driver to accompany them to a weighbridge where they found the vehicle weighed 2.5 tons, 700 kilogrammes more than the maximum permitted weight.
As the driver did not understand the reasons for him being stopped, the officers explained the risks of having such a heavy load, including the instability of the vehicle and excessive pressure on the tyres, amongst others.
The officers were surprised by the driver´s lack of understanding and knowledge on the subject and was subsequently fines 180 euro before having to make the load compatible with required safety legislation.


  • Fault on current generation Kia Soul steering gear assembly leads Kia to voluntarily issue a precautionary recall
  • All affected vehicles will be repaired at no expense to owners

Kia Motors UK Ltd is voluntarily recalling all Soul and Soul EV vehicles produced between 18 January 2014 and 30 September 2015, as a precautionary measure. This is due to a potential fault which, in extreme circumstances, could cause the steering to fail.
Through ongoing monitoring of field data, Kia Motors has determined that an adhesive with insufficient bonding strength was used during assembly, this may cause a pinion plug that secures the pinion gear to the steering gear assembly to loosen. If the plug loosens sufficiently, the pinion gear may separate from the steering gear assembly, which could cause a loss of steering.
The number of UK Soul and Soul EV vehicles affected stands at 5,707. All these vehicles will be repaired at no expense to the owner, this process will begin immediately. Kia Motors UK will notify owners via post and email, suggesting they take their vehicle to their nearest Kia dealership where the pinion plug will be secured or replaced, ordinarily within one hour.
At present there is no evidence of this potential defect causing any injuries or accidents to any customers in the UK or globally, there have also been no reports or complaints of vehicle defects from any Kia Soul customers relating to this issue.
If any Kia Soul customers have questions at this stage they are encouraged to liaise with our customer service team, contactable via telephone (0333 202 2990).