Guardia Civil Officers Rescue Baby Left in Car

Officers from the Guardia Civil rescued a nine-month old baby who had been left locked inside a car whilst the child´s father had gone shopping in a supermarket.

San Juan Rescue

The incident occurred on Wednesday in the San Juan area of Alicante, at around 3 in the afternoon, when concerned passers-by alerted a routine Guardia Civil patrol near the N-332 of a child in the back of a car which was locked.

The patrol immediately attended the vehicle and saw the child inside, apparently unconscious, and so they smashed the windows in order to gain access.

The officers then attempted resuscitation and rehydration whilst awaiting the arrival of an ambulance.

When the child´s father returned to the vehicle, accompanied by another child of around 3-years of age, he was said to be “surprised” by the fact the patrol were in attendance and refused to have the victim transferred to hospital for treatment.

The child was therefore treated at the scene by medics whilst the Guardia Civil are now pursuing criminal charges against the father, a 33-year old German national, who is on holiday at a campsite in the area.

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X Marks the Spot

The roads of Madrid will soon be getting a taste of the classic Japanese styling, with the installation of a diagonal zebra crossing.

X Marks the Spot 2

The city council has budgeted for the installation of the crossing at the junction of Goya and Alcalá, one of the most iconic and widely visited areas in the city.

Although the design is believed to have originated in Japan, Los Angeles and London also have diagonal crossings which are designed to speed up the flow of pedestrians who would otherwise have to cross two individual streets separately.

In addition to pedestrians, the council will also provide similar crossing facilities for bicycles, thus aiming to protect two of the most vulnerable groups of road users.

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See the sign – Watch your speed!

If you see this sign on a conventional road in Spain it serves as a warning of a number of factors.


Firstly, it warns you that you are about to enter one of the 300 most dangerous sections of roads where an increase of speed related incidents have been recorded.

Secondly, as a result of the above reason, these sections are often locations of intensified speed checks, so as to reduce the number of casualties in the sections.

See the sign – Watch your speed!

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Spanish Pop Group in Serious Crash

Members of the Spanish pop group Supersubmarina were injured on Sunday when the vehicle they were travelling in was involved in a head-on collision on the N-322 road in Ubeda.


The incident occurred at around 8 in the morning when a car and a van collided, resulting in six people being injured.

The lead Singer of the group, José Chino Marín, has been operated on twice for head injuries and remains in a serious condition in intensive care. The band´s drummer, Juan Carlos, also remains in a serious condition in the ICU.

The other three members of the group, who were all travelling in the car, were also injured, although not seriously, as was the van driver.

The group had been returning to their home town of Baeza (Jaén) after participating in the Medusa Sunbeach Festival held in Cullera (Valencia). The group have been touring the country, including performing in Torrevieja in December of last year.

An investigation has been launched to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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Why are Traffic Officers speaking to these Cyclists?

On a routine patrol in Rojales this week, a Guardia Civil traffic patrol stopped and fined two cyclists.

Why are these Traffic Officers speaking to these Cyclists

When a bicycle is being ridden, it is a vehicle. Therefore it is governed by the same rules of the road as cars, vans, trucks, in fact any other vehicle.

On this particular occasion, the cyclists was observed failing to stop at a stop sign and was subsequently fined 200 euro each for the offence.

Stop signs and stop lines are there to provide extra protection at junctions. Often, when these signs exist, the junction may have restricted visibility or be on a faster flowing road, and so extreme caution must be exercised and your vehicle must be brought to a complete stop.

It is perhaps even more serious for a vulnerable road user to fail to stop as the risk is far greater.

Hopefully, these particular cyclists will think twice in the future before risking his own safety and the safety of other road users.

Remember, a bicycle when ridden is a vehicle and must comply with the laws and rules of the road.

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An Unforgettable Day for the Children

N332 reached an agreement with the Hollywood Motor Show to help the children from Elche Children´s Home have a fun day out. The stunt drivers didn´t hesitate to help us when we explained where the tickets would go.

A Day of Drama for Elche Childrens Home (3)

The three stars of the show, stunt drivers David, Patrick and Christopher, donated the tickets so that the children could come to see them perform, where they will be able to experience this amazing event first hand.

A Day of Drama for Elche Childrens Home (1)

Francisco Morales from N332 said, “We must think of the children during this holiday time when those with families are enjoying their time together, many of those without a family don´t have the same opportunities and don´t even get to leave their home”.

A Day of Drama for Elche Childrens Home (2)

As well as sharing news and information to encourage safer driving and hopefully save lives, N332 will keep working to help local charities, and with the recent launch of the new eMagazine will be donating some of the benefits earned to these local charities.

The Hollywood Motor Show is currently located on the car park near to the Zenia Boulevard shopping centre on the Orihuela Costa and is touring the area. Look out for the posters and show them your support for helping us.

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Gas Car for Guardia Civil

Power supply company Gas Natural have collaborated with car manufacturer Seat in order to deliver the first natural gas powered vehicle to the Guardia Civil.

gas natural

The vehicle is part of the current agreement between the energy group and the institution of public safety for environmental performance improvement and energy efficiency.

The vehicle was delivered at a ceremony attended by the Managing Director of Gas Natural, Manuel Gil, and the director general of the Guardia Civil, Arsenio Fernández de Mesa, after a collaboration agreement was reached between the energy supplier and the Guardia Civil last October.

Among other initiatives, the agreement includes studies to improve the efficiency of buildings and facilities for the general management of the Guardia Civil, as well as analysis incorporating the use of natural gas in the park land and maritime vehicles with the aim of improving environmental performance and efficiency.

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New Vehicles Delivered

The Guardia Civil has taken delivery of more than 100 new vehicles valued at over 3 million euro.


The vehicles were presented to the corps by Director General Arsenio Fernández de Mesa, at the Colegio de Guardias Jóvenes de Valdemoro in Madrid.


In total, 110 vehicles were delivered, at a total cost of 3,083,008.50 euro which has come from the state security budget.


These particular vehicles will join the fleet responsible for public safety and security, with over a hundred more due for delivery before the end of the year.


In 2014, the Guardia Civil took delivery of 195 new cars which were added to the fleet, and with 2.5 million euro investment being given by the European Union, 400 vehicles have been replaced or renewed in the last 2 years.

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Torrevieja to Finally Get Widened N-332

One person was killed and another four injured, two of them seriously, following a head-on collision between two cars on the N-332 main road near La Marina last week. This crash came exactly a year to the day when five vehicles collided in the area near to the desalination plant at Torrevieja.

Both these incidents, any many more besides, occurred on stretches of the road where there is one lane of traffic in each direction and no physical barrier between the two flows of traffic. For years campaigners have been fighting to have the Torrevieja section widened to two lanes in each direction, the same as the N-332 road on both sides of the town, although it has evolved more into a political Ping-Pong game than anybody actually taking responsibility and trying to enforce the change, not only in order to save lives, but also to ease the congestion that in inevitable at certain times of year, such as summer, when the road is brought to a standstill for much of the day.

In terms of the danger element, there is an argument that there is no such thing as a dangerous road, in the same way that many people argue that it´s not guns that kill people, it´s people who kill people. Those arguments carry some validity, but if anything can be done to reduce or eradicate danger, then it should be done.

There are laws on gun use which seemingly prevents a lot of intentional killings, there is also an element of morality in most civilised society that automatically prevents most people from wanting to intentionally take a life. However, there are also laws that should prevent drivers from speeding, driving too close, using their mobile phones, consuming alcohol, and many others, and although some actions are becoming socially unacceptable, it is still commonplace for the laws of the roads to be ignored, despite the fact that these laws are also intended to preserve life.

The good news is, and without pandering to any political point scoring, the widening of the road in the Torrevieja area may finally become a reality, as the mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, announced at a press conference the “release” of the administrative and technical stoppage, thus confirming that “there are no more excuses because the ministry of Public works and has all the documentation” and that the widening works “can start as soon as it is tendered”, a situation that Dolón described as “very satisfying”.

Dolón explained how the government has been active trying to involve all agencies and entities in order to ensure the project is completed in the optimum time, quoting letters he has written and a response from the Directorate General of Traffic “sharing” the concerns of the government on account of the route between kilometre marker posts 49 and 56 being a notorious black spot.

Dolón also described it as “shameful” that it has taken 20 years to reach this point, but once complete it should not only save countless lives on the roads it will also reinvigorate Torrevieja and its businesses to the benefit of all.

The situation will not yet change on any other parts of the road such as La Marina where this latest tragic incident took place, but through awareness of the dangers of the roads we can all try to do our bit in the meantime to try to keep everybody that little bit safer by ensuring safer driving at all times.

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N332 RoadWatch Issue 02 – August 2016

Here it is, issue 2 of N332 RoadWatch, our new regular eMagazine. When we released the first issue last month, it was our intention to publish the eMagazine quarterly. Straight away the pressure was on to publish more frequently than we intended, thanks largely to you and your incredible feedback. Therefore, we decided that we had better publish every 2 months. Still your comments and feedback continued and still we felt that even every 2 months isn´t enough, at least not at the moment, and so, as you have probably gathered already, here we are with our now monthly publication.

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Last month I said that I would tell you more about our exclusive members club. I will, but not yet. Remember, last month we intended to be publishing the next edition in October, not so soon, so you will have to wait a little longer for that.
Now, back to this issue. The cover leads with a question regarding new radars on motorbikes. We answer that question and hopefully clear up some other misunderstandings that often come about regarding “speed traps” and radars.
We have a little bit of an American feel to this issue too, including a feature on one of the former stars of the hit television show, CHiPs, who is now living his own dream come true. In the news section we have an interesting story from America too, about a dog! We also have a couple of UK based stories too. By the way, if you are in the UK or around Europe, you can visit our sister website,, which covers a lot of information from across the continent and is the next stage of our development. More about that in a future issue too.
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We cover child seats, traffic jams, animal safety, Eco labels, fines for cyclists, proposed changes to the UK driving test, yellow lights and more, as well as box a fun and serious quiz so you can test your knowledge, and a whole lot more.
You can click the Buy Now button to download your very own PDF version of the eMagazine. Please make sure you are able to view PDF´s before you do, although most computers, tablets and phones have PDF readers either installed or downloadable for free.
Meanwhile, if you are a business and would like to get involved by supporting us, in exchange for an advert in these pages or the website, send us an email. Remember, everybody who works on the project offers their time for free, the money collected is invested back into the next stage of the project with a portion going to charity.
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We are now off to start work on the September issue where one of the subjects we will be covering is the breathalyser. Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay safe.