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RoadWatch – Issue 01

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Welcome to issue 1 of N332 RoadWatch, our new regular eMagazine. This is the next progression in the N332 road safety project, supporting the website and the articles published on Facebook, and bringing them to you in a new and easy to read format via your computer and tablet.

You can read this first edition for FREE by clicking the virtual magazine image below. Alternatively, you can purchase and download your own copy in PDF format buy clicking the BUY button at the bottom. Please make sure your computer or device is capable of reading PDF´s first though. If you downloaded our eBook you will be fine as it is the same format.

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We have released this first edition as a free read but in the future it will only be available for free to our N332 Club members. I know what you´re thinking, what´s the N332 Club? Well, we will give you more information about that in the next few weeks, but let me just tell you that is is the next exciting stage for the N332 project where membership will certainly have its benefits.

For now though, back to N332 RoadWatch. Some of the articles you may have read before right here on the website, but they are seasonal, and so it is important that we remind ourselves of the importance of such things as not wearing flip-flops when driving, for example. Other articles are yet to be published here and you won´t get them anywhere else.

By the way, as always, if you do pay the small fee to download your own copy in PDF format, the money received goes back into the project, as everybody involved gives up their time for free, and we will be giving a portion of the earnings to a charity, more about that in the next edition.

We hope you enjoy this first edition. We are now off to start work on the next. Enjoy your summer and stay safe.


If you do want to purchase your own copy to download (remember to make sure you can view PDF´s first though), click the button below…

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